Every day, at high tide, oceans swell, pushing water up river mouths. At low tide, this water is sucked back into the sea, taking along with it thousands of pieces of plastic litter, from bottles to flip flops, lollypop sticks to shreds of polystyrene. This plastic causes untold damage to marine life.

Izame Zabantu removes plastic waste from vulnerable natural areas. Currently, we are working at the mouth of the Black River at Paarden Eiland beach. Each bit of plastic removed is vital for the survival of life.

We need your help

Our team members earn a stipend of R250 per person per shift, and we invite volunteers to buddy up with us to speed up the process.

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What our donors say about us

“You have done such a good job…I just think it’s phenomenal.”

Stanislaw Trzebinski, Artist

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The Litterboom Project